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The course was very easy to book by email and resources were sent in a timely manner. Justyna was an excellent tutor, clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. The group was the right size to allow questions and feedback from tutors. The course provided an excellent overview of Yandex advertising and has improved my confidence and competency in using the platform, as well as driving better results.
Patrick Swaddle, Epiphany Solutions
It’s a wonderful opportunity to obtain deeper insights into the Yandex advertising platform provided by very competent specialists who have been managing Yandex campaigns for years. The knowledge gained it’s not just something purely theoretical, but really practical that can be used (and will be used) in everyday campaign optimisation.
Agnes Murniece, Neo@Ogilvy
I liked the mix of lectures and practical sessions, which in some cases were really funny. The group size was also great, and the lecturer certainly was competent - he knew what he was talking about. The sessions were really informative and also put SEO in a cultural context (especially when it came to geo-targeting. For me, the course was perfect.
Christiane Keilig, Web Co-ordinator, British Council
It’s a very well organised course. I have never learnt so much in 2 days! Excellent.
Jennifer Zou, Resolution Media
It was a good chance to revise  knowledge and to hear/take part in a discussion from other perspectives and other experiences. It was a good exchange of ideas. Really nice, small groups where everybody has a chance to ask anything. Very professionally held and well organised training.
Igor Fedorchak, Hurra Communications
I liked the SEO course very much. I think I learnt a lot and I hope I can apply some of what I learnt durng the course in my job. Andy was very good at delivering the seminar and motivating the delegates during the group activities. I also enjoyed going out on Wednesday for dinner together with the other delegates. I think it was a good initiative from Andy.
Oriol Espanyol, Software Engineer, Eumetsat
It’s the perfect opportunity to update and expand my Yandex knowledge, allowing me to identify a large number of potential improvements for the Yandex strategy for the clients.
Sergio Abad, Neo@Ogilvy
The International SEO School in Barcelona was very interesting and touched many of the challenges our company faces in the international marketplace. It was exciting to take in first-hand the vast experience of Andy Atkins-Krüger who for sure must be one of the most knowledgeable people in the field. We learnt a lot from the course and will be implementing many of the valuable lessons learnt.
Alexander Wasastjerna, Senior Partner, Brazilian Homes
The International SEO Training is an excellent 3-day seminar, giving valuable insights into the latest trends and developments of international search engine optimization. Andy Atkins-Krüger is very passionate and knowledgeable about SEO and the latest Internet Marketing trends, providing many real-life examples with practical information on how to improve the rankings in major search engines. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who's in charge of or involved in managing an international online presence.
Frank Emmerlich
I found it really informative and a great opportunity to ask questions and get specific answers in an open environment. The structure was great and allowed me to get a huge amount of knowledge in a relatively short period of time.
Katie Stockbridge, Digital Media Account Executive, Adido
The course touches on all the main points a professional should know about International SEO best practices. I could say I have a strong technical background and almost all the contents were completely new to me, including a different point of view that helps you understand the scope of a multilingual site. I strongly recommend it to any professional involved in international websites.
Carlos Zurita, Webmaster, British Council
Really great course! Justyna was great and the training was very comprehensive and covered the basics and advanced options. 5/5 for the whole course delivery as it was super interesting and really helpful in learning more about Yandex. I feel much more confident to now be able to independently use it on a daily basis. The tutor was great; she kept the atmosphere lively which was good as training sometimes can be boring.
Webcertain provided a relaxed but productive atmosphere. During the course, each attendee received great attention and everyone left feeling more confident about their respected course subject. Everything from website course information, pre-course materials through to the booking process was very well organised.
The tutors were very knowledgeable and were able to explain everything in a clear manner. I have left the course with all my questions answered. It was a relaxed atmosphere where everyone got along which made it very easy for everyone to ask questions and share knowledge. The tutors were very good at handling questions and teaching the course.

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  • Improve the knowledge of your online marketing team - reducing costs and improving performance
  • Bring new team members up to speed quickly
  • Opportunities for consultancy on issues and challenges specific to your business
  • In-depth, personal face to face training
  • Focus exclusively on international challenges in SEO, PPC or Social Search
  • Keep abreast with the latest trends and developments
  • Tutors experienced and specialised in international search marketing – with lots of knowledge to share!
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