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Scaling International Content Marketing

Content is an integral part of any web marketing strategy however producing unique, compelling and engaging content for diverse international audiences can seem like a huge mountain to climb.

Group Training Session in BarcelonaGroup Collaboration on a Content Exercise

Language is the most obvious obstacle but other factors such as culture, legal restrictions, online behaviour and cost all need to be considered when creating content on an international scale.

But all is not lost! While there is no magic dust there are tactics, tricks and techniques for scaling your content across different countries and languages which will transform your international campaigns and open a world of opportunity.

Want to know what they are? Well, join the scaling international content marketing course and we might just tell you!

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How this training dramatically improves performance?

  • It's focused on international content but as part of the bigger picture, linking content into all your international activities.
  • It's an interactive, hands-on course to guarantee that you really get to grips with ideas and information and leave armed with the skills to apply them yourself.
  • It will debunk the myths surrounding international content creation and sharing, and give you new perspective.
  • You'll get a comprehensive training material packed with resources explanations and graphics to support what you learn
  • Networking is a fundamental element of the training. You'll get to meet and connect with peers from around the world and share your experiences.
  • It doesn't end with the course. You'll have access to a wealth of information, reports, articles and presentations on international search topics, as well as support from the Webcertain team afterwards.
Scaling International ContentFull Group Teaching

Who will benefit from the extra knowledge?

Level: The course is suitable for all levels but will assume a basic knowledge of online marketing principles. Content will be tailored to match attendee knowledge levels

Type of Business: Both In-House and Agency teams will benefit from the training

Job Role:  Marketing professionals of all level, content marketing specialists and localisation managers. It will also benefit Account Managers.

After course networkingA Well-Earned Group Meal

The learnings that will enhance your career?

The course will show you that international content marketing doesn't always have to be complicated, cost and time-consuming and provide insights to revolutionise your international content strategy!

Across the 3 days, the following key areas will be covered:

Day 1 – Global Search Marketing Foundations

  • Search engine rivalries - global vs. local search engines (search engine headlines)
  • Global opportunities for search marketers - the instant stat pack
  • Language families and their implications for international search marketers
  • Keyword research vs. keyword translation
  • Global seasonality management
  • Measuring cultural differences
  • Strategic campaign planning tools

 Day 2 – Content

  • The history, evolution and definition of content marketing
  • Summary of content marketing strategy and processes and scaling internationally
  • Case study of how a brand maximises their content
  • What makes content attractive?
  • Measuring the success of content marketing - the metrics
  • Does SEO = content marketing?  How are they different?
  • Copywriting, translation and "transcreation", managing the successful globalisation of marketing content
  • Defining all forms of content from text and images to video and functionality
  • International content factors - cultural content considerations and how to research them

 Day 3 – Distribution and Channels

  • Evolving an effective global content marketing strategy - key techniques
  • Identifying key distribution influencers
  • Leveraging international content marketing in the mobile world
  • Shareability - what defines viral content and makes it fly?
  • Using social pages to generate content traction
  • Psychographics, Facebook amplification and targeting
  • Evolving the content marketing strategy for our businesses
  • The powerful role of YouTube in international content marketing - why it matters so much?
  • Multilingual social - keeping costs under control


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