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There is little point having a website in many languages, if nobody ever sees it. If you want to reach international markets online, having an international SEO strategy is essential to ensure your site is found and visited by a relevant audience.

Group Discussion

The combination of linguistic, geographic, cultural and technical considerations that come into play for international websites brings a different set of challenges and factors, than undertaking SEO in just one single market.

The International SEO Expert Course will address all of these challenges and deliver practical, actionable tips, tactics and techniques to allow the creation of an effective and successful international SEO strategy, whether you're targeting two or twenty two markets.

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How this training dramatically improves performance?

  • It's produced and delivered by experts and practitioners dedicated to international SEO
  • It's not all facts, figures and theory. This is an interactive, hands-on course to ensure all of the content is absorbed and can be applied back in the real world.
  • It's all about international. We're not going to try and teach you SEO but focus on those international sticking points that nobody else wants to talk about.
  • You'll get a comprehensive training material packed with descriptions and graphics to support what you learn
  • Networking is a fundamental element of the training. You'll get to meet and connect with peers from around the world and share your experiences.
  • You get to ask the questions that matter to you. There is plenty of time reserved for discussion and Q&A - so you can be sure you'll leave with the knowledge you came for.
  • It doesn't end with the course. You'll have access to a wealth of information, reports, articles and presentations on international search topics, as well as support from the Webcertain team afterwards.

Who will benefit from the extra knowledge?

Level: The course is suitable for all levels but a basic knowledge of SEO will be presumed. Content will be tailored to match attendee knowledge levels

Type of Business: Both In-House and Agency teams will benefit from the training

Job Role: SEO Specialists and Webmasters involved in the planning and implementation of international SEO activities and strategies. It will also benefit Account Managers and Marketing Managers who manage, oversee and report on SEO performance.

Learning from the Experts

The learnings that will enhance your career?

The training is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and tools to plan and manage worldwide SEO campaigns.

Across the 2 days, the following key areas will be covered (agenda valid for Barcelona only):

Part 1 – Global Search Marketing Foundations

  • Search engine rivalries - global vs. local search engines (search engine headlines)
  • Global opportunities for search marketers - the instant stat pack
  • Language families and their implications for international search marketers
  • Keyword research vs. keyword translation
  • Global seasonality management
  • Measuring cultural differences
  • Strategic campaign planning tools

Part 2 – From Algorithms To Rankings

  • How search engines work - for global SEO
  • Language detection
  • Search engine ranking factors - Google vs. Yandex vs. Baidu
  • Structuring page templates for SEO
  • Keyword mapping and preferred landing pages
  • Best practice for country selectors
  • Link building for global sites
  • Monitoring global rankings and other site issues
  • Was it an algorithm change or something we did?
  • Translation vs. copywriting
  • Can machine translation work for global SEO?
  • Working with webmaster tools - Google, Baidu and Yandex
  • Paid search impact - how to deal with it

Part 3 – Business & Coding Issues

  • Managing a remote global team
  • Achieving comparable global analytics
  • Making the decision on entering new markets
  • Ajax SEO for global websites
  • Geo-targeting strategy
  • Deploying hreflang
  • and site markup techniques
  • Hummingbird and entity search
  • The knowledge graph
  • Issues for international ecommerce sites
  • Speed, hosting and CDNs
Networking and Relaxing Relaxing on the Terrace

How do we make it fun to learn?

  • Our courses include entertaining exercises, quizzes and games
  • There are plenty of breaks and time for networking
  • We organise evening networking events in great locations
  • Groups are limited to 12 people making it easier to ask questions and discuss things
  • We've listened to delegate feedback and made important changes
  • We give advice on where to go and what to see in your own time
  • We encourage delegates to book an extra couple of days of sightseeing to create a truly memorable experience
  • All delegates are invited to join the International Marketing School's alumni groups
  • Our tutors are all active practitioners - nothing theoretical here


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I enjoyed the course and took away a lot of insights and principles that I can apply in my work and ensure other colleagues are aware of too
Expert Tutors
I liked the SEO course very much. I think I learnt a lot and I hope I can apply some of what I learnt during the course to my job.  
Oriol Espanyol, Eumetsat
The International SEO School in Barcelona was very interesting and touched many of the challenges our company faces in the international marketplace. 
Alexander Wasastjerna, Brazilian Homes
The course touches on all the main points a professional should know about international SEO best practices. I have a strong technical background and almost all the content was completely new to me. 
Carlos Zurita, British Council
It’s a very well organised course. I have never learnt so much in 2 days! Excellent. 
Jennifer Zou, Resolution Media
It was great, every lesson was interesting. I feel more prepared to carry out international campaigns now. 
Gabriele Bodellini, Tribbo Digitale
A lot of stuff in a short time in a well-prepared course. 
Swen Prause, Witt Gruppe
The venue, content of the course and delivery of the training was very good. Website course information, pre-course materials and the booking process were excellent. 
Useful course, up-to-date knowledge, good presentation. 
I was very pleased, more than expected. The trainers were clear, prepared and friendly. 
It was very enjoyable and it fully fulfilled my curiosity. Thanks a lot, Webcertain, for the experience. 
Webcertain provided a relaxed but productive atmosphere. During the course, each attendee received great attention and everyone left feeling more confident about their respected course subject. 
The tutors were very knowledgeable and were able to explain everything in a clear manner. I have left the course with all my questions answered.