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Yandex Expert training

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to craft, develop and implement effective PPC campaigns on Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, and provides in-depth training on how to manage every aspect of your campaigns on this leading search engine, in Europe's largest and fastest growing internet market. As Yandex is now also active in Turkey, the course will also look at the Turkish language and market to ensure you can capitalise on opportunities there.

Group Exercise on Global PPC Manager Course Yandex Expert training

We'll dig deep into the linguistic, cultural and technical issues which impact Yandex PPC campaigns and provide insights into how to successfully manage them - and use them to your advantage. The training will include practical exercises and explanations of all the key features and functionalities of the Yandex Direct platform.

The courses is officially approved by Yandex and at the end of the course, all delegates have the opportunity to take the Yandex.Expert test - a globally-recognised certificate demonstrating proficiency in Yandex paid search.

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Yandex PPC Tutor Group exercises

How does this training dramatically improve performance?

You get a combination of general international PPC insights, tips and advice, together with a focus on Yandex.

  • It has teaching from experts in international search marketing and Yandex.Direct.
  • It's an official Yandex-approved training course.
  • It's been developed in cooperation with Yandex, and therefore includes the most up-to-date information about Yandex products and features.
  • You'll improve PPC performance for your clients or your employer.
  • You'll have the opportunity to take the official Yandex.Expert test and receive an internationally-recognised qualification.
  • You'll get a comprehensive workbook containing explanations and images to support the training.
  • You'll have many opportunities for networking and discussion with fellow marketers from around the world.
  • You'll get your hands dirty. Forget death by PowerPoint, this interactive training ensures delegates get involved and truly understand all the material.
  • It is held in stunning hotel conference facilities like the 1898 in Barcelona and the Aria in Vegas.

Who will benefit from the extra knowledge?

Level: The course is suitable for all levels but a basic working knowledge of running paid search campaigns is advised. Content will be tailored to match attendee knowledge levels.

Type of business: Both in-house and agency teams will benefit from the training.

Job role: PPC Specialists and anybody involved in the creation and development of global PPC campaigns will gain a lot from this course. It will also benefit Account Managers and Marketing Managers who manage, oversee and report on paid search activity.

The learnings that will enhance your career?

You'll learn how to get the most out of every element of international paid search activity, from the initial planning stages right through to optimising and reporting on campaigns. You'll gain fresh insights, tips and ideas to revolutionise your current strategy and leave your competitors trailing in your wake!

Across the three days, the following will be covered:

Day 1

  • targeting Russian customers
  • an overview of Yandex history
  • Yandex advertising products map
  • SERP layouts and ad formats overview
  • creating Yandex search campaigns
  • keyword research overview
  • keyword match types
  • working with negative keywords
Course Workbooks

Day 2

  • how Yandex measures quality
  • keyword bidding rules and strategies
  • Yandex advertising network
  • introduction to Yandex Metrica
  • creating retargeting campaigns
  • Yandex audience product overview

Day 3

  • introduction to Yandex Commander
  • reporting on your campaign’s performance
  • DSA campaign overview
  • smart banner campaign overview
  • search banner campaign overview
  • Yandex Expert test
Networking and Relaxing Post-course networking

How do we make it fun to learn?

  • Our courses include entertaining exercises, quizzes and games.
  • There are plenty of breaks and time for networking.
  • We organise evening networking events in great locations.
  • Groups are limited to 12 people, making it easier to ask questions and discuss things.
  • We've listened to delegate feedback and made important changes.
  • We give advice on where to go and what to see in your own time.
  • We encourage delegates to book an extra couple of days of sightseeing to create a truly memorable experience.
  • All delegates are invited to join the International Marketing School's alumni groups.
  • Our tutors are all active practitioners - nothing theoretical here.


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Yandex Approved and Endorsed
SurveyMonkey, Apple, Adobe, Expedia, Marin Software, Trip Advisor, Starcom mediaVest
I thought the Yandex training was awesome and I felt extremely well prepared for the test. 
Eli S, Survey Monkey
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I now feel confident about managing campaigns in Yandex and even how to train my team to do so too.
Patricia B., Neo@Ogilvy
I really enjoyed the conversations alongside the course with the Webcertain experts and other foreign account managers about global ppc and related topics.
David B., WebRepublic
Expert Tutors
We went into a great deal of detail about Yandex and the course has definitely improved my confidence managing these accounts in the future.
Peter W., Search Laboratory
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It’s the perfect opportunity to update and expand my Yandex knowledge, allowing me to identify a large number of potential improvements for the Yandex strategy for the clients. 
Sergio Abad, Neo@Ogilvy
It’s a wonderful opportunity to obtain deeper insights into the Yandex advertising platform provided by very competent specialists who have been managing Yandex campaigns for years. 
Agnes Murniece, Neo@Ogilvy
It’s a very well organised course. I have never learnt so much in 2 days! Excellent. 
Jennifer Zou, Resolution Media