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Tuesday - Keywords, Planning & Localisation

Keywords, Planning & Localisation   |   Geo-targeting     |   International Link Building

09.00: Research And Planning

Taking the crucial first steps is the key to ensuring good outcomes but knowing where to start can be challenging.  The online marketing world provides a great deal of resources and support for important early decision making and can also contribute by giving initial direction to wider research efforts.  For smaller organisations, online research by the management and marketing team might be the only option open to determine significant risk investment. So, getting things right at this early stage is vital.
Examples of how it can go wrong and the use of competitor research are used to inspire delegates to plan a research methodology for their own businesses.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What should be included in our research plan?
  2. What is culture and what practical impact does it have on international web businesses?
  3. Where can you obtain key guidance on the most important practical aspects of managing culture?
  4. What can we learn from examples of other failures?
  5. How do we identify and research competitors and in what way does that help us succeed?

10.30: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

10.45: Where To Next? Making The Right Roll-Out Choices

The decision on which country or countries to launch a new business in or to invest in an existing operation, is a common cause of failure.  Taking the correct decisions at this stage requires an assessment of data from multiple sources to gain insights which drive competitive advantage.
Centrepiece of this session is a business game involving the launch of a new eCommerce business in several European countries and Asia.  Research data is provided and delegates formulate a plan for peer review.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. How should a business decide on its roll out plan?
  2. What data is available for decision-making?
  3. What weighting should be given to which forms of data?
  4. How to choose between country-by-country, regional and all-at-once roll-outs?

12.15: Experts/Networking Lunch

13.30: Understanding Keywords and Keyword Research

Keywords are the building blocks of search marketing in any language and important in social media too.  We each understand intuitively how keywords work in our own language - but how do they differ in other languages and situations.  Additionally,  no one can speak all languages so techniques are needed to manage projects in many countries.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What actually are keywords and how defined?
  2. How do input methods and devices impact on keywords?
  3. How to manage keyword research when you don't understand the language?
  4. What are the traps of multilingual keyword research and why does translation produce inaccurate results?

15.00: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

15.30: SEO-Localisation And Content Strategies

All online trends point to the growing importance of content - but here we're managing content typically in more than one language or at least in different flavours of the same language.  Content is generated by many sources and arrives in different forms with different needs.  Compiling, merging and updating this whilst localising and achieving ROI goals requires new skills and careful planning.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What is SEO-Localisation?
  2. What does a global content strategy look like?
  3. How to win support behind an effective content strategy?
  4. What are the common pitfalls to avoid?
  5. How to manage user generated content and marketing approvals in a multilingual environment?

17.00: Interactive Discussion Session Independent Site Reviews

The day concludes with a review of the days learnings, a fun quiz and interactive discussion as well as examinations of particular websites and their approaches.

Keywords, Planning & Localisation   |   Geo-Targeting   |   International Link Building

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