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International Marketing School course calendar

The School runs a range of courses throughout the year on international digital and online marketing topics.

All courses require a minimum of six delegates to run. If a course doesn't reach the required minimum, delegates will be offered the opportunity to switch to a different date.

18-20 June 2019


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Expert Tutors
SurveyMonkey, Apple, Adobe, Expedia, Marin Software, Trip Advisor, Starcom mediaVest
The overall course was fantastic and the Yandex training was particularly insightful
Ewa S., Starcom MediaVest Group
I really enjoyed the conversations alongside the course with the Webcertain experts and other foreign account managers about global ppc and related topics.
David B., WebRepublic
We went into a great deal of detail about Yandex and the course has definitely improved my confidence managing these accounts in the future.
Peter W., Search Laboratory
The detailed Yandex training was really useful, as was the comparison between Google and the other search engines. I enjoyed meeting people from different companies and sharing knowledge and experiences.
Melanie H, Datawords
It’s a very well organised course. I have never learnt so much in 2 days! Excellent. 
Jennifer Zou, Resolution Media