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09.00:All Roads Lead To Rome The Importance Of Links and Reputation Globally

A brief history of “Page Rank” and why it still matters – including in the social media world begins the final day.  How are inbound links and the “social graph” connected to search engine visibility? 
Whilst the principals of matching the requirements of the search engine algorithms are similar globally, inbound reputation indicators vary significantly from country to country.  Delegates study how to assess these and how to manage the implications.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. Which " reputation indicators" have an influence on SEO and how do they vary from country to country?
  2. How do search engines view "link building" and what does that mean for webmasters?
  3. How is page rank evolving and in what way are "citations" different from links?
  4. Do social media shares count as links?

10.30: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

10.45: Review Of Tools For International Link Analysis And Case Study

All delegates will receive one month's silver access to Majestic SEO - and we'll be reviewing how the various tools on offer can help a webmaster to better understand their link building strategies avoiding the risks and most effectively managing the investment.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What are the main link analysis tools and how do they compare?
  2. What is a "natural" link profile, why does it matter and how can it be measured?
  3. Is there such a thing as a "bad link" for instance, from malicious competitors and should you deal with them if so?
  4. When it all goes wrong, what steps do you need to take to rescue the situation?

12.15: Experts/Networking Lunch

13.30: Legitimate Methods Of Increasing Attractive Inbound Links For Global Sites


Link building is the actually the end result of some other activity - asking someone for a link for instance, can result in them adding a link to you from their sites.

Starting with a brainstorming, we consider all the steps international webmasters can take to encourage people to want to link to their sites and to create environments in which link development naturally occurs - especially from the local target markets.

We'll also consider the pro-active methods which can be used to "ask" people for links and consider how effective and cost-effective they are.


Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. Which environments naturally attract links without even asking?
  2. If you have to ask for links, how do you go about it - especially in a language other than your own?
  3. How should link profiles differ between different markets and countries?
  4. What do competitors link profiles tell us about our own link building strategies?
  5. What about "local" and what impact does Google+ and citations have on link building efforts?

15.00: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

15.15: "Social" Methods Of Increasing The Profile Of Sites

Since social media shares are a kind of "link" what does that mean about integration between the business's social media strategies globally and our own international SEO efforts? In what ways does social activity, of all types, increase site traffic and specifically impact on the rankings in search engine results pages?

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. Are some social sites more important than others - and if so should we focus our efforts on particular sites?
  2. Do we need to create social media profiles to succeed or can we simply rely on adding social buttons to our web pages?
  3. How do we track down local social networks which may play an important role in just one country and how do we manage working with them?
  4. What can we do on our sites - besides the share buttons - to encourage positive social interaction?
  5. How do we target the most influential people in the social universe to obtain more significant shares?

16.45: Interactive Discussion Session

The course concludes with a review of the week's learnings and interactive discussion.


Keywords, Planning & Localisation   |  Geo-Targeting  |   International Link Building

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