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09.00: Geo-Targeting Management And Options

Appearing in front of your target visitors, at the moment they search for you, drives the success of international SEO campaigns placing geo-targeting at the heart of things.  Nor is there a clear right and wrong way to do things, but rather a process enabling each case to be managed in the most appropriate way.  Learn the pros and cons of different approaches and how to judge what best fits each set of circumstances and how to plan global geo-targeting by country and language.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What is geo-targeting and why does it matter?
  2. Local domains (ccTLDs), sub-domains, folders. webmaster tools or Hreflang tag and canonicals?
  3. Why is understanding search engine duplication filters so critical in international SEO?
  4. How do link building and hosting affect things?

10.30: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

10.45: Build Your Own Search Engine (Educational Business Game)

Understanding in detail how a search engine works enables an international SEO  manager to be most effective.  This is especially true for those working in multilingual environments and languages. 
Approaching artificial intelligence or information retrieval processes could prove heavily laden with technical terms and appear somewhat dry.  The International SEO School "Build A Search Engine Game" is very simple, great fun and advances delegates appreciation of search engine functionality very quickly.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. How do search engines work?.
  2. Which processes are involved in delivering relevant results to search engine users?
  3. How do search engine processes affect international SEO?
  4. How do search engines apply their algorithms to the world's languages?

12.15: Experts/Networking Lunch

13.30: Webmaster Tools Google, Yandex and Baidu

The search engines provide an increasing range of tools - some of which offer important resources for use in international SEO projects.  But should these always be used?  There are advantages, often in terms of speed and ease of application.  But there are some downsides.  The tools also provide useful data.

A full recap of the features of all the major search engines tools will be provided.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. What tools do the search engine webmaster tools (Google, Yandex and Baidu) offer the international SEO manager?
  2. Which strategies are most affected by tool options?
  3. What are the alternatives to the tools?
  4. When should alternatives be chosen and the tools not relied on?

15.00: Coffee, Networking And Individual Discussions

15.15: Planning A Geo-Targeting Strategy Interactive Global Case Study

Having spent most of the rest of the day studying the options for geo-targeting, now is the time to put that into practice.  Delegates are presented with a range of data for a fictitious case - albeit one based on the true realities.  In war gaming style, we will try to assess the best plan of action whilst new incoming data is actually changing the situation. 

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. How to gather a list of candidate new countries?
  2. How to assemble the various sources of data in a meaningful way?
  3. How to draw up a well constructed plan?

16.45: Geo-Selection, Language Management And User Direction

If You operate in more than one country or language, then you have the problem of ensuring that each individual user finds and sees the correct content from your website.  This means the right information for the country where they are, in the correct currency, with the correct pricing and yes the language they wish to read in.  It sounds simple, but managing this alongside search engine needs is not quite so easy. With some simple rules, delegates will soon navigate their way through the issues.

Key Questions Covered Include:

  1. How do you direct an individual user to the correct language content safely?
  2. What is a geo-selector and how should it work?
  3. How should translations of the same content be linked?
  4. What is the safest method of detecting a user's preferred language?

18.15: Interactive Discussion Session Independent Site Reviews

The day concludes with a review of the days learnings, a fun quiz and interactive discussion as well as examinations of particular websites and their approaches.

20.00: Group Dinner

Keywords, Planning & Localisation   |   Geo-Targeting   |   International Link Building

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