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Asian PPC Manager

Asia is booming. Economies are growing and internet usage and ecommerce spend are growing rapidly, making it an increasingly popular region for international businesses to invest in. The opportunities are vast but complex cultures, processes and regulations make it an investment requiring knowledge and effort.

During the Asian PPC Manager course, we will delve into the key online markets in Asia, exploring their cultures, languages, online behaviours and search engines.  You'll gain insights into how to develop successful paid search campaigns in these markets, how to work with the local search engines and engage with your target audience in each country

It will also cover the key concepts of international paid search marketing, using teaching, exercises and discussions to ensure that all delegates leave with practical knowledge of how to get the most from their Asian PPC budget.

How this training dramatically improves performance?

  • Along with a focus on Asian markets and search engines, you'll gain universal international paid search insights, strategies and tactics.
  • It gives practical tips for implementing and managing campaigns in the different search engines, giving you the knowledge and tools to effectively run programmes in multiple countries and search engines.
  • It has teaching from experts and practitioners of international paid search marketing
  • It's not all theory. This is an interactive, hands-on course to ensure all of the content is absorbed and understood
  • You'll get a comprehensive training material containing explanations and images to support the course content
  • You'll have many opportunities for networking and discussion with fellow marketers from around the world, both on your course and other International Marketing School programmes.
  • It doesn't end with the course. You'll have access to a wealth of information, reports, articles and presentations on international search topics, as well as support from the Webcertain team afterwards.

Who will benefit from the extra knowledge?

Level: The course is suitable for all levels but a basic working knowledge of running paid search campaigns is advised. Content will be tailored to match attendee knowledge levels

Type of Business: Both In-House and Agency teams will benefit from the training

Job Role: PPC Specialists and anybody involved in the creation and management of PPC campaigns in Baidu, Naver, Yandex and Qihoo will gain a lot from this course. It will also benefit Account Managers and Marketing Managers who manage, oversee and report on paid search activity

The learnings that will enhance your career?

After the training, you'll have the skills and knowledge to take your Asian paid search efforts to a new level, leaving with actionable tactics and practical insights to apply to your own campaigns and really drive return on your investment in Asian markets.

Across the 3 days, the following will be covered

International PPC

  • Preparing for PPC rollouts globally
  • Managing language peculiarities and differences
  • International keyword research challenges and techniques
  • Understanding the Asian opportunity
  • The similarities and differences between paid search across the major global search engines

PPC on Baidu, Naver, Qihoo and Yandex

Google doesn't rule the roost in Asia and Baidu, Yandex, Naver and Qihoo all need to play a major part in your Asia strategy. We'll dig deep into these search engines, looking at

  • Getting setup and understanding the basics
  • Keywords and ad requirements
  • Manual and automated bidding strategies
  • Search and Display Options
  • Reporting and Analytics

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